# Corporate Research & Investigation

Know your employee

The more you know your employee / client, the more you build trust and engage business. 

About Us

The Corporate Researchers

The GLCRI is business management consultancy services provider company who offer the better quality service to their esteemed clients

Services we offer

A small list of services that GLCRI is providing across the globe. 

Employment Screening Service

Professional pre-employment screening services are becoming increasingly more essential to employers, and a failure to carry out such background checks could result in serious consequences for your company

Hr Recruitment + Screening Report

We are fully equipped to provide recruitment services in UK & Globally with our local team members as well as other countries. we ensure that you get people who meet your requirements and enhance your organization’s productivity

Business Set & Pro in UK

We provide the whole spectrum of PRO and government liaison services. Below is a selection of services which may be particularly relevant to you

Insurance claim verification service

The Global research and investigation ( GLCRI ) offers insurance claim verification service in UK.

Due Diligence (KYE)

we are specialize in providing our services in regions notoriously difficult to access information. Business Intelligence reports are available on target industries in all regions covered by us and each an every report is individually tailored to suit our clients needs.

Brand Protection & IPR

Counterfeiting & Piracy, trademark Infringement Investigation, Supply Chain Audit, Copyright and related matters. The Investigation & IPR Enforcement we have conducted IPR enforcement actions in over 30 countries

Cyber Security & Risk Management

We are working very close with our partners who are highly specialized in field of Forensic Audit and Investigation along with cyber security expertise.